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Another slang name for testicles.

It is, in a sense, a more comical way of saying nuts.
"Dude! She kneed me in the neerts!!"
by Rax1134 October 05, 2009
Communicating with critters, particularly pets, as if they are small children.
This voice is usually higher pitched and contains a great deal of gibberish.
"Come here Tiger! Mommy is going to work now!! Oooohh Mommy's going to miss her 'yiddle' boy! Yes she is!!"

"Wow Lucy is getting crazy with that critterication! Does she think the dog likes it??"
by Rax1134 October 24, 2009
Awkward conversations about past relationships or issues in a current relationship.
Example 1
Jim: Wow, Stacey and I were talking last night and she started going on and on about communication, being open with my feelings and all that crap!

Larry: Man, don't you hate it when chicks bring up all that relationshit!

Example 2
Laura: Kevin and I got into it about how his ex was more touchy, feely than I am. I can't stand this relationshit!
by Rax1134 January 19, 2010
An acronym for Totally Awkward Moment
Marilyn: "Oh my god some random guy came up to me and used the shittiest pick-up line I've ever heard! I didn't know what to do! I just stood there!"

Nancy: "T.A.M."

Marilyn: "Tell me about it!!"
by Rax1134 October 10, 2009

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