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1. An awful day for the Sherlock fandom.
2. A cause for great merriment and amusement for people that like to mock the Sherlock fandom.
1. The whole Sherlock fandom suffered a great loss at the end of Reichenbach.
2. My sister couldn't stop laughing at me during Reichenbach because I was crying.
by JennaFlare January 18, 2012
Feelings of intense dark emotion. Usually dealing with grief, sadness, abandonment, uncertainty and occasionally anger.

Similar term: "gutted"

Derived from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes Series, specifically it is the location of Sherlock's apparent death in "The Final Problem"
"I had a one way ticket to Reichenbach after seeing that film."

"Waiting for my acceptance letter is like reichenbach."
"I was reichenbached."
by Haighcellent January 13, 2012