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A nickname for your boyfriend's dick. Afterall, your mom always told you to never play with strangers.
Matt has Rehfus envy..for Carmen!
by Alex December 08, 2003
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A substitute for any and all swear words....mainly used for refrence to a guys dick but can also be used for other words not wanting to be said

other forms- rehf rehfing rehfed etc.
I got so rehfing mad at that son of a rehf....maybe he should get a rehfing life b4 he gets rehfed up by someone....stupid rehfus
by La Gnoma December 12, 2003
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the substitution of a bad word in order that little kids or adults do not know what your talking about.
You stupid rehfus! i oughtta kick ur rehfus rehfus out the rehfus door!...stupid rehfus
by Ashley December 08, 2003
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