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He is the most handsome, athletic and smartest man in the whole wide world. He is amazing and the best. The most perfect guy for Erika.
"I love my boyfriend, Regan!!"
by Akiresevolnager September 26, 2011
Reagn is a wanker a knob a general all round piss head who likes it up the bum
Regan is a right piss head?!
by waerhf November 08, 2013
A woman who: doesn't fuck around, seriously will palm you in the fucking face, eats funyons, doesn't let other bitches escort her man, will fuck you up for flirting with her man, eats a hardy breakfast of assorted unleaven breads, will fuck you up for looking at her man, thinks facism is some type of fashion design, will fuck you up for thinking about her man.
Teacher: Where's Regan?
Zachary(Me): She got arrested for palming some stupid cunt right in the face for talking to her boyfriend
Teacher: ... Oka-y... Let's move onto chapter ten.
by ZROD April 11, 2010
Someone who wants to be a vampire not a princess, someone who will jump out of a moving vehicle to beat up their ex, someone who is currently dating an Asian and loves him dearly♥, someone who loves chocolate and cheese melted together when she is PMSing, someone who loves emo comics, and someone who loves her best friends. Also the girl from The Exorcist
Guy one: Look at that girl. She's dating an Asian.
Guy two: She is a total Regan
A self absorbed, entitled, sawed-off little bitch who will drive you fucking insane. Someone who fears commitment and will risk nothing to be in love. A Regan possesses physical features of Downs Syndrome and has hands like a carny.
Regan is a two-faced bitch who will always be miserable.
by Ihateyoumostest July 02, 2011
a souless gings. Who has noo friends
that girls is such a regan
by laxerbrooo December 02, 2010
regan girl who invites her self to everything and has to be with friends 100% of the time. she comes to your house eats all your food, and makes you pay for everything for her. she also makes you give her rides to places. She is unorganized, and makes you feel sorry for her. she doesnt stop talking about her looks and how ugly she thinks you are. dont be friends with a girl named regan because she will make your life a living hell. she us a needy girl.
by reganmorrishatersforever August 26, 2010