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The sexual act of wiping one's bonch ( aka chad, perineum) sweat on the face of another, either by direct contact with said bonch, or by soaking one's own hand with said sweat and proceeding to slap, wipe or rub another's face.
That guy who pipes up in lectures deserves a refresher...

Gave the hot chick with the fake cans a refresher. Hot!
by The big chief June 07, 2010
The act of freshening one's friend after a long, drug-fuelled evening by arranging their face (eyes closed) just over a basin, while another cups their hands under a running tap (faucet) before thrusting - with great speed and accuracy - the handful of cold water onto the face and up the nasal cavity of the waiting friend. A 'slap' should be heard if successful.

Inductees to the ritual may fail to close their eyelids tight enough, so a pained "AARGHHH!!!" may be emitted as the water is forced under one or both lashes. This should be laughed at with vigour.
Almost comatose friend #1: I'm feeling like I've been run over by a train

ACF #2: The only thing that can save you now is a refresher

ACF #3: I'll hold your hair back
A term applied to a person who constantly navigates the internet; specifically internet forums, blogs, and chatrooms. The 'refresher' is termed so because they usually sit infront of their computer and constantly refresh forums and chat sites to read every constant message posted. 'Refreshers' frequently enjoy posts and messages featuring their names and opinions about them, especially posts and messages in this regard made by other internet users. Insecure and self-centered, the refresher is inclined to believe that the internet revolves around them.

Used as a derogatory/pejorative term.
Average American Boy 1:"Man, I love reading EVERY new post on this site!" *refresh*

Average American Boy 2:"So do I!" *refreshes, while fat deposits rapidly form on extremities*

Average American Boy 3:"Wow. You guys are faggot refreshers. Learn how to socialize, goons."
by Bonnar May 02, 2006
guy stickin' his dick in her(or his) mouth to refresh their breath
hey baby...why don't i refresh that for you.
by wendals August 20, 2004
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