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To add someone back to your Facebook friend list.
Oops, I screwed up and defaced deface her. I felt so bad, I decided I better reface her.
by Tom_in_SA October 14, 2008
(v) To copy and repost a friends status on facebook.
I'm totally gonna reface this post. Thanks for that Barsky.
by Just4Today December 23, 2009
(v) To re-establish a relationship on Facebook after removing it.
See deface
I took her off my friends list after we had that big fight but now that we're friends again I think I'm going to reface her.
by lucid_dreamer August 27, 2008
To add someone as a friend on Facebook after you removed them from your friend list.
Everything's good with Sean; he refaced me.
by hisean September 06, 2008