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4 definitions by Tom_in_SA

A phrase used to describe a person who should not be underestimated. A practical term which can be used with most anyone in any situation where the individuals abilities, conduct or intelligence might be underestimated.
I know the Kobe and the Lakers have won nine games in a row, but Manu Ginobili is a Laker killer. Don't sleep on Manu Ginobili!
by Tom_in_SA March 01, 2009
The art of delaying a decision at the imposition and inconvenience of another party. It is a purely self serving approach that place's oneself on a pedestal. Drawn from Brett Favre's annual ritual of making NFL team's wait for his decision.
Bob: Hey are you working tomorrow?

Steve: I dunno. I might just Favre it and call my boss around 10:30 and tell him I'll let him know by noon if I am going to show up.

Bob: Nice!
by tom_in_sa July 17, 2009
The use of another person to post tweets to your Twitter account, pretending to be you.
Man 50 Cent is "Tweet Syncing". He has some dude posting to his Twitter account pretending to be him. Thats like freakin' Milli Tweetilli.
by Tom_in_SA March 27, 2009
To add someone back to your Facebook friend list.
Oops, I screwed up and defaced deface her. I felt so bad, I decided I better reface her.
by Tom_in_SA October 14, 2008