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Reeves's Law states that as soon as an actor or actress stars in a comic book movie adaptation their career, talent, and sex appeal all begin a steadily accelerating decline that ends in tragedy or obscurity. The upshot of this is that they may continue to grace the cover of various publications, usually Star and Enqirer.
'How about Halle Berry as catwoman? Sounds like an example of reeve's law'
Christopher Reeve - Superman. But also
Hugh Jackman- Wolverine
Nicolas Cage- Ghost Rider
Jennifer Garner- Elektra
Thomas Jane, who's role as the Punisher caused his career to be horribly stillborn, and his predecessor Dolph Lundgren, who's portrayal was so bad it actually cause all his PREVIOUS films to become terrible and forever crippled the 80's action genre.
by Apoth November 10, 2007

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