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Girl who is totally sexy. She has a truck and it's bad ass. All the guys want her but she only likes rednecck boys. She loves country music. She probably not a virgin and she's cool with that. She hunts and fishes. She's a daddy's girl.

Holy Shit....look at the Redneck Girl!
by afanofjenna September 16, 2006
RedNeck Girl is somone who is rough. She loves fishin Huntin. She's a daddy's girl.She don't take shit from anyone.
Shianna is a HOT Redneck Girl
by Shianna =] March 02, 2009
A fat ugly girl who only wears camo, wranglers, and ugly crocs. She dips like a man and smells like one too. Their feet are covered in dirt even under their toenails.
Jaime: damn did you see that hottie redneck girl that just threw in a gerb?
Mark: yeah! did you see how far she spit?
Jaime: that was sooo damn sexy
Matt: you guys must be drunk! she is an ugly ass redneck girl! get a life
by Jaime Bland August 26, 2009