To do something that scores major disapproval and/or anger. To many motor-heads, this term can be used perfectly, as it correlates with "redlining" on a car motor with RPMs.
"Dude, you slept with my sister. That's such a fucking redline."

"You're redlining right now and it's really pissing me off. Cut it out."
by LSXJunkie October 04, 2009
Using an app such as Kikfriends to troll your friends (or someone you don't like) done by, posting their kik along with the photo of an attractive female. Thus, causing a giant wave of thirsty dudes to spam their phone.
Daniel: Hey Karen, I've been getting a bunch of strange messages lately D: (Lies)
Karen: Oh my god, I have too I've gotten 52 messages in the last half hour
Daniel: CHALLENGE COMP... I mean Hmm, I wonder why.
Karen: I KNOWWWW ! (Oblivious)


Fernando: Did you redline her ?
Daniel: To the max bro...
by CARACK man July 25, 2015
A woman's panties during her period
If you don't go with kotex during that time of the month, you will redline.
by 4ngryToasters March 27, 2010
When a woman is on the "red line", it means she is menstruating or having her period
Don't mind that moody cow, she's on the red line...
by Serious bellend January 30, 2011
when your waiting for the red line to load on you tube!!!
for fuck sake red line loadddddddddddddd!!!
by lara brown May 16, 2007
The coolest line of BMX bikes during the 80s.

Check out that dude's Redline. It's as rad as Tubbs and Crocket.
The guy riding the Redline kicked all the other douches' butts in the race.
by Mr. Redline August 07, 2006
A brand of synthetic automotive lubricants.
There is a bottle of Red Line oil sitting on the tool cabinet at the background of one of the Debra Lafave posing pictures.
by TObject September 09, 2005

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