Verb: to break or ruin everything beyond any possible means of repair.
We were having a great time until Robbie tripped into the punchbowl and REDFERNED everything!!
by JimmyK76 February 20, 2011
Top Definition
A red furred medicine cat with green eyes on the internet who's character is based off of the book series Warriors by Erin Hunter. She has a really sweet roleplay site too but sometimes she closes it and that makes her members very unhappy.
If only Redfern could open her site back up!!!!!!!
by HappyDancer195 May 30, 2009
A sexually satisfying male or a male that can generally persuade his way into drugs and sex.
Cherri: I hear Floyd is a real redfern in the sack.
by unmerica January 09, 2013
Male version of a fire crotch.
That guy Brad is a RED FERN like Lindsay Lohan.

That dude is a RED FERN...but totally hot, unlike that other ginger.
by Cat Flaps March 08, 2009
Redfern is the surname branded to queers in the 16th century. People who have the surname Redfern are descendents of these queers and are most probably closet fags.

I assume your asking the question how can he be a descendent of a queer. Your answer,,, Elton John was married and has children. Still a fag,
"I hear his surname is Redfern, definitely a fag."
by cluttr02 February 10, 2013
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