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A Beautiful and Attractive girl who's talented and smart. Has captivating eyes and a voice known for it's sweat melody.
Maiya's so Beautiful...
by Arose21 July 03, 2011
An amazing smart girl.
She can be a bit crazy some times but she's funny.
She beautiful and is fun. Sometimes she is random too and will make crazy sounds so do something funny that will make all her friend laugh. Maiya's usually tend to be known but not popular, and Maiya's are usually great people to be around.
Friend 1 : Maiya do you have the answer to this question?
Maiya: Yeah here *gives answer*
Friend 1:Thanks Maiya you're a life saver!

Another Maiya thingy:

Friend 2: Maiya whats up?
Maiya: The sky *troll face*
Friend 2 : -__-
by Average Kid :) August 11, 2011
A very smart person who is lovely . She is very attractive and likes lots of light skin boys.
Maiya is spoiled.
by harris101 September 25, 2010