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Used when one is telling someone else that they rented a movie out of the redbox machine
"We redboxed transformers this morning. Want to come over and watch it with us?"
by SabinIII November 02, 2009
A sexual term that means a person picked up someone on a date, has sexual intercourse with them at one point of the night, returned them by 9pm and gave them a dollar for the experience.
I totally Redboxed this girl last night!
by The Flyin H December 14, 2010
When you loan a Redbox movie to a friend and they don't return it and you get exorbient fees. Instead of paying $1, you end up paying for a week or more, or the whole movie.
I loaned a redbox to my friend and she went on a trip to Aruba without returning it. "Hey man, did you return your movie? No, I totally got Redboxed by Aspen when she went to Aruba and didn't turn it in. Now I have to pay $12 for the movie".
by CoolTallOne April 21, 2013
When a woman's menstruation prohibits sexual activity.
I wanted to hit that but I got redboxed. Gotta wait a few days
by ERNIEandJESSE May 16, 2011
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