Def 1: To pull a RedFoxxer is to pretend to be someone who you really aren't because everyone hates you. Then you realize you have no experience what-so-ever and just end up looking stupid.

Def 2: To not be completely obvious.
Example 1:
Joe: Yo, This is my crib! I got, uhhh, comic books, some anime...
Kassandra: O.o
Joe: Don't worry, dude, it's all so-shizzle!
Kassandra: No, it's just hate you more now that you're trying to pull a RedFoxxer on me.

Example 2:
Tim: I did so many chores yesterday! I washed the dishes with my hands, I swept the porch with the broom...
Joe, Alex, Mark: ...
Tim: And I bicycled to the mailbox with no hands!
Joe, Alex, Mark: Wooo! *applause*
by Majetic February 23, 2011

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