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Better than GTA IV
Red Dead Redemption is the most epic game of all time.
by marston89 May 07, 2010
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a boner
taylor got a red dead redemption from watching sebastian bach

taylor got a red dead redemption from watching noobdaddy1
by teapea June 02, 2010
AKA Grand Theft Horse: Desert in the Middle of Freaking Nowhere.

The game has probably the worst map ever created in the world of virtual worlds. It is literally a sandbox.

The gameplay is awesome though. Go buy it.
Gamer 1: Dude, I just got Grand Theft Hor- I mean, Red Dead Redemption!
Gamer 2: Oh dude, that game sucks balls.
(Gamer 1 and 2 play for 5 hours straight)
by I liek chips yo May 22, 2010

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