Nectar of the frat boys, engineering and architecture students, and overworked hairdressers. Said to give you wings. Frankly? It tastes like liquid smarties, which isn't a good thing.
If Fred doesn't have his red bull, he won't be able to pass his business 101 class!
by mollydolly April 16, 2008
bad for u but its so good, diet red bull has 200 mg of sodium! great with vodka!
way better then any soda
by chloe January 15, 2004
An energy drink that comes in a small can and is in competition with some of the most popular brands. Its unique flavor makes up for its lack of size.
Person 1: hey what do you want to drink?

person 2: a red bull
by lyndon K March 09, 2008
The magical elixir that causes the drinker to sprout wings
Guy: Dude, Dave just drank some Red Bull!

Other guy: So?

Guy: He's gone man! He flew off into the sunset!
by TheDude6996 October 23, 2012
An energy drink originated from Thailand. The canned shit Europe and America get has been severely moderated, or, for you mentally diluded people, "nerfed".

It's got nothing to do with drugs. It is also more healthy than coffee, contains less caffeine and yet still keeps you up.

It includes taurin. Which is NOT bullsperm. It helps the function of the muscles, although humans don't need much of it.
"Lawl i drank 3 Red Bulls in a row and I got high like on speed!!!!!1"

by KeeperOfTruth May 06, 2009
Cost more than a Monster, and is only half in size.
REd Bull = Owned by monster
by chowman November 04, 2006
Energy drink that tastes like cheap cough medicine. Pretty much ineffective on its own.

However, when mixed with alcohol (Usually Vodka, but I prefer it with Jack Daniels), it really perks you up during a heavy drinking session.
I'll have a Jack Daniels and Red Bull.

(Goes mental)
by Snake August 24, 2005

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