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To contribute money towards the purchase of something.
JohnO: hey, Homs I'm gunna go get some monsters, You want some?
Homs: Yea man, I'll throw down.
by TheRealJohnO December 28, 2004
The Mack Pimp of cell phone providers. Often accused of having huge phones even though that is no longer true.
Homs - I haven't gotten my nextel yet.

Joms - Wow, your life sucks.
by therealjohno November 23, 2004
A true "King Among Men" is defined as being absolutely awesome in everything done.

eg: JohnO
Random Bystander: Wow that JohnO is a real King Among Men, look at him drinking that Monster, I aspire to be just like him.
by therealjohno December 02, 2004
Similar to saying "pound it" usually involves hitting of two or more clenched fists together in an expression of triumph.

*the rock is then knocked*
by TheRealJohnO December 14, 2004
The ultimate form of Radical. Used to describe things that are mega-rad.
JohnO: hey Homs I just got done drinking my Monster you wanna go chillax?

Homs: Yeaa! That would be Radixel
by therealjohno November 26, 2004
The weakest and most over-priced of all energy drinks.

Synonyms: Red Bull Sugar Free

Antonyms: Monster
idiot: Yo fool! Will you pick me up a Red Bull!?

Joms: Why would you pay 2 dollars for an 8 oz can, when you can pay the same price for a Monster and get twice as much of something better!?

idiot; I guess I never thought about it that way before.... I guess you're right!
by therealjohno December 03, 2004
The name that idiots who don't even live in Georgia call the city of Atlanta.

Nobody that actually lives in Atlanta says this. Ever.
JohnO: So yea, I live in Norcross, right outside of Atlanta.
Idiot: Dam fool! You live in Hotlanta?!
JohnO: Please go die. Right away.
by therealjohno December 02, 2004
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