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Talking in a dirty fashion about homosexual intercoarse.
Oi dude, did You hear those guys talking on the train.
yea man, that was so gay. RED TALK IS GAY.
by mang mang too too June 09, 2010
14 5

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War of Arsenal blogs between Randy Osae's 'Red London' and Chris Wheatley's 'Gooner Talk'.
these bloggers take Red Talk too far on newsnow
by Boobs366 July 18, 2010
3 1
Red Talk is a site for people that get way too into sports they have never played.
Alex Crowden loves red talk. He is gay
by man u 4 lyf June 13, 2010
4 2
A website made by fans for other fans of Manchester United, featuring a video show, and regularly updated articles and blogs. Created in May 2010.
I'm going to check out red talk.info for the latest video show.
by Futbalfan June 01, 2010
0 19