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The effect of a sun burn with parts of abdominal fat concealed , so that when you stand up your stomach appears to be covered in red ribbons.
Marshall: Man! My dad is such a dope!
Travis: Gee , Why?
Marshall: He fell asleep again on the beach and now he's covered in red ribbons.
by Modifier September 02, 2013
a ribbon to symbolize a girl is on her period. It is visibly worn on her clothing. Stay away, or give her chocolate (:
Kenzie: OMG I like, need a like, red ribbon!
Lydia: OMG ME 2.
by SecretBunnyAgent(: February 04, 2011
The act of screwing the fuck otta someone when there on their period.
billy:i dont wanna fuck u!!!
kim:why not?
billy:im not tryin to earn my red ribbon today!!!
by adam j wead August 11, 2007
When you decide to go bareback on a chick who is on her period. Just after you cum and pull out, that little bit of stringy cum is still attached to your dick is covered in blood, resembling a thin red ribbon.
Casey found himself both repulsed and excited when he saw the red ribbon on his cotton sheets.
by Pteradactyl11 January 05, 2012
something a guy gets when he goes down on a girl when she is on her red ribbon.
girl: you just earned you red ribbon

guy: mmmm, it makes it sweeter
by Misty Dawson September 02, 2006
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