Born Reginald Albert Forman in 1927, a fictional character played by Kurtwood Larson Smith on the kick-ass comedy That 70s Show (originally aired on FOX) who always threatens to stick his foot up someone's ass. Father of Eric and Laurie Forman. World War II veteran. Truly dissapointed in his son for being a wimpy nerd. Always calls Eric and his friends "dumbass"es.
Bob Pinciotti: Thanks Red. If I had some mistletoe, I'd kiss ya.
Red Forman: And if I had some mistlefoot, it'd be up your ass.
by whatserface November 04, 2007
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Man who will stick his foot up your ass. Origin: That 70's Show.
If you crash the Vista Cruiser, Eric...I'll crash -my- foot into -your- ass.
by Un Sporko Magnifico June 04, 2005
an action involving the insertion of a foot into a humans anus..
Man i can't get caught with this "stuff", if my Dad finds out he'll pull a Red Forman!
by Moyock November 13, 2009

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