a raging homosexual who raids the anus of another person, at times even the sphincter of a total stranger. these devious queers pry on every ass they can get a hold of!
Eric: yo man that guy is such a fag,look at his comb over and tight clothing and how he only associates with girls and never hooks up with them, what a softy.

Boeckh: dude the reason he only chills with girls and doesn't get any play from them is cuz he is a huge rectum raider.
by offutt October 28, 2008
Top Definition
Someone who likes to have anal sex
Man you're so gay, you're such a rectum raider
by Max June 06, 2003
A Pirate of the Anal Seas. Known to acquire their booty when your not looking.
"Oh Shit! The Rectum Raiders got me again."
by Choco McBrown Town May 06, 2006
One of the members of the Transcendental Cock Rock band the Rectum Raiders.
''Jeez, that Rectum Raider has a really big bass guitar''
by AssCruzad0r October 24, 2012
a person who raids someone of their rectum (gives it to someone up the ass)
the rectumraider shoved his dick so hard into the girls ass he made her bleed
by punk January 07, 2003
a gay man who has deep anal sex, like regan C.
Regan C is the chief rectum raider, because he's gay.
by John Fishe February 23, 2008

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