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the act of using (a) rectum as a means of storage. also as a verb: i totally recticled that bitch!
That is one full recticle!!
by asdfghjkqwert February 10, 2011
A common misspelling of the word 'Reticle'. Recticle is an optic one uses to look out their own ass (or up someone else's).
I was sneaking around using my recticle to spy on unsuspecting people from my plumbers crack.

Jimmy, did you use my spy recticle?

A recticle is an ass camera, a Reticle is a set of fine lines inside an eyepiece, mounted on a camera or a rifle.
by Recticle Expert February 03, 2011
specific type of anal spectacles that are made specially for usage in the rectal region
I think i just broke my recticles, i forgot i had them on and i sat on them
by schlongstein December 20, 2009