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A French word meaning bullshit artist.
My recruiter signed me up as infantry and I wanted to be an engineer. I should have researched all the jobs in the military before I signed up.
by Jimmy June March 17, 2010
The most hardcore soldiers in the US Army. They work the longest hours and make the most money. They are the most honest people in the military and will provide your worthless sack of shit son or daughter with a paycheck and a career. Sure you may gain weight, but while the rest of the Army has thier happy asses up at the crack of dawn, you are still asleep. When you do finally get up, you jump in your government car and ride to your air conditioned office.
My recruiter was the person I most admired. He was honest and provided me with a future.
by Hard Core Recruiter August 27, 2008
Faggit; one who seeks enjoyment (consisting primarily of long nights of chronic masturbation) by ruining the lives of 17 year olds; An extreme optomist, talking only of the brightest sides of the armed forces (i.e. College money that you won't have time to use and traveling (which means traveling to other countries to work long hours that would normally be illegal in the U.S.); Syn. Fag, Faggit, Tranny, Booty Juice Drinker, Deep throat representative.
"Your dad's a recruiter? Ha, Ha! Faggit!"
by King Kupp September 01, 2008
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