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A very talented and artistic woman that is usually cursed by being infatuated with jerk-like guys. However, she is very loving and a wonderful relationship partner. She likes cute animals, and her wish is to be a fish of the sea.
by Dewdark April 30, 2011
Truly beautiful, both on the inside and out. She's intelligent and very loving. She loves to laugh and people like her from the beginning. She is charming, beautiful, intelligent, and tends to be awkward. The best girlfriend a guy could ever ask for, so if you're with Rebeca, don't ever let her go. Ever. She's a girl other girls are either jealous of, or want to be friends with. She is strong and brave and is loyal to her friends and boyfriend. She is truly the most amazing person ever and deserves t be treated like that. She doesn't deserve the crap anyone gives her. Rebecas are the met genuine people on earth.truly amazing with her natural sexiness and strong personality. She can be stubborn and competitive, but her fun-loving, adventurous personality makes up for it. Anything she does makes people love her more and more.
Do you know Rebeca?
Yeah, she's amazing! I love her!
Who doesn't?!
by That one person. December 28, 2012
A girl with a HUGE ass and lesbionic tendencies, but it lovable in every way.
Stay away from that Rebeca.
by Shelby (pizza) Blaike August 30, 2008
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