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Great,free willed,smart,strong.
Positive meaning.
You are such a rebby.
by Rebby May 29, 2003
intr verb: to do the things that a rebby does! which basically consists of shopping, eating, and fucking mysterious people.
i cannot wait to rebby tomorrow
by whatsthedealwithYASH August 25, 2009
A female person who is full of life and love. They are full of OB's and everytime a Jessica falls in love, life is always so sweet. Full of fun and happiness, being friends with a Rebby can surely brighten up your day. While being friends with such an extraordinary creature, don't forget that she can be emotional. So be nice :D
Person 1: Hey, you know that Rebby chik?
Boyfriend of rebby: Uhh dude she is my girlfriend
Person 1: OMG you guys are sooo sweet together
Person 1: How is OB going?
Rebby: Great ;)
by lillymighster March 22, 2011

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