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When you've been know to indulge in excessive drinking, promiscuity, revel in a state of discombobulation, and live vicariously through yourself. You claim to have beaten rehab, but find yourself in the Tyson Zone. You've moved past the point of debauchery, and have entered into the zone of rebauchery.
Courtesy of ESPN's Bill Simmons: "Charlie Sheen's latest meltdown included the words "briefcase full of cocaine," "36-hour party," "smoking cocaine continuously," "porn connoisseur," "porn critique," "theater room," "911 call" and "Maloof."... Sheen can't even be described as "debaucherous" anymore; it belittles what he's doing. (He's more "rebaucherous.")"
by FreeAgency February 08, 2011
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