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A real person is one that is "genuine" and "earthy". Real people do not take part in hipocrisy and lies in order to undermine their opponents. Real people often keep friendly relationships regardless of their benefits or non-benefits from it. In the end, a real person will stand by you, even when the fun is gone and life gets rough.
When my house burned down all my friends wouldn't let me stay with them, but Tony would......he's real.

Just one example of Real People.
by Joe DiMaggio January 03, 2008
A person who actually does things society asks of them. Someone who has a job, owns property, or has a pension plan. It doesn't need to encompass one of those, or necessarily any, but they do need to embody some concrete "real" ideal.
Unlike me, a grad student living off loans, my friend has a grown up job and is a real person.


I did my own taxes for the first time this year, I'm finally a real person.
by MEGGILY August 05, 2010
Somebody who is particularly impressive, or appears to be exceptionally good at life.

* If you were to meet someone who was obviously NOT a real person you would know because they would constantly be failing at life, or bringing other people down.
random: I wish I was more like insert name, she's so beautiful and always helping other people.. she's a real person.

random: insert name is such a douchebag, have you noticed how he's always screwing up, he's not even a real person.
i.e. matt miller.

Girl walks into a bar, trips and spills her drink.

are you okay?! i'd like to buy you another drink. (helps girl up)

oh yeah, i'd tap that.
bend over again honey.

by asherleaa April 07, 2008
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