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Women who are usually overweight (fat, fluffy, etc), loud, bitchy and obnoxious. Women in this category have adopted this term in lieu of being called BBW or plus sized and since over 70 percent of women fall in that group, they are not too far from the truth.
Bertha: Real Women have curves, honey!!

Dave: No, FAT women have curves, now shaddup so I can finish milking you!!
by xzybit December 18, 2005
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Someone who was born with breasts and a vagina. And no penis.
... self explanatory ...
by Marina February 20, 2004
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Anyone born with a vagina.

Often, curvy girls refer to themselves as "real" women because they believe they are what real women look like. When, skinny girls are often just as real as an other girl.

The ACTUAL "real" women is anyone that was born with a vagina. That's it. Seeing as the person said born with breasts . . . when in fact, not women is actually born with breasts, they grow them. Regardless, some very "real" women have to get them removed due to cancer.
by kailynicole February 23, 2010
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A precious female who is very beautiful from the inside, but especially outside (cares of other people and animals instead of objects). She has character, is not materialistic and has self respect, is smart, natural, but mostly confident enough to keep it real and not to predent to be somebody else or tolerate bullshit.
That girl is a real women. She is not affraid to stand out and does not tolerate bullshit.

Maryam is a real women. She will never fall for a guy that is not loyal.
by Diamond Love July 20, 2012
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Real Women put up with real men.
i did. i have to put up with way too many real men.
Oh, yeah? Well, while you two were comparing the size of your *deleted* a REAL WOMAN was doing all your work.
by Chibirat January 13, 2000
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