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When your body relaps and gets sick again. Or can be used as an excuse to get more days off of work immediately after already calling in (fake) sick.
Me: (coughing & calling into work)

Boss: Are you coming to work today?

Me: No, I'm sick

Boss: you where just sick.

Me: I know. I'm resick

Boss: Oh, okay

(then I go to the beach)
by Sharpie 3.0 November 16, 2013
When your just getting over a cold or some sort of sickness and then WHAM! you share something with one of your friends and your back sick again like a week ago.
Kyle: Hey Emily I'm finally done with that cold
Emily: Shit. We just smoked that bowl
Kyle: I hope I don't get fucking sick.. again!
{The Next Day(s)}
Kyle: {on the phone} Emily ugh! I got sick again!

Emily: It your own damn fault. Haha I got you Re-Sick. lolz
Kyle: Fuck me!!
by Kyzamo288 June 10, 2009