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rai-zee adj: Originally a typo from the word "crazy"; to be crazy or insane in a fun, playful way.
Person 1: My friends are so razy they can make up their own words.
Person 2: Don't you mean crazy?
Person 1: No, I mean razy.
Person 2: That is so lame, bro.
by GuysImSoLame December 30, 2011
Abreviation for crazy that cool people use!.
"Dude..thats 'razy!"
by Rachel September 02, 2004
cool and crazy at the same time
dang, that stunt was razy!
by memocore661 May 25, 2010
A substitute for any word you like... most often rude

Just Pure Raze.

'Nuff said.
Biddy: Raze me

Loren: Raze yourself you razy razer
by Loren-zo May 24, 2007

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