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rai-zee adj: Originally a typo from the word "crazy"; to be crazy or insane in a fun, playful way.
Person 1: My friends are so razy they can make up their own words.
Person 2: Don't you mean crazy?
Person 1: No, I mean razy.
Person 2: That is so lame, bro.
by GuysImSoLame December 30, 2011
Abreviation for crazy that cool people use!.
"Dude..thats 'razy!"
by Rachel September 02, 2004
A substitute for any word you like... most often rude

Just Pure Raze.

'Nuff said.
Biddy: Raze me

Loren: Raze yourself you razy razer
by Loren-zo May 24, 2007
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