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Most commenly used as a last name of the Irish.
Usually fairly wealthy, and popular. Rayson's are most likely have a good life set up for them and are sucessful people.
"Hey dude, dont you wish you were a Rayson?"
"Yo that Rayson is so dope."
by a rayson. January 11, 2010
an obese teenager with any of the following traits.

1. morbid obesity.
2. they think their gangster, but there incredibly pale and suburban.
3. they have a horrible lisp, and try to cover it up by talking like batman from THE DARK NIGHT.
4. they're scared of anybody who wears vans or a shirt with buttons.
5. They suck at life and aren't worth looking at.
6. are virgins for life.
7. very unintelligent, can't spell anything.

person 1: dude, that guy's lisp is so annoying, and he think's he can take us in a fight.
person 2: dude, i know, he's such a rayson.
person 1: word brah.
by god's human form on earth August 15, 2008
the most awesomest guy i know. his the best, even though his weird and strange. ill always love him foreverrr. he works hard in dragonboat. and his the bestest person i know.
rayson is so awesome
by awksmang. July 12, 2011
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