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funny and smart pretty and jolly

the only girl for me sumhow i let her go
and now i have to let my feelings show
Raynelle i love you and i miss i gonna get Crys to get yu to search your name up her cuz you wont talk to me and its driving me crazy im sooooo sorry you are sooo damned amazing and funny and sweet and gorgeous and sexy and my life is a wreck without you im sorry i cant help but fall deeper in love each day even tho yu dont want me anymore i love you <3
no example can begin to measure up on how sweet and amazing and funny and beautiful Raynelle is i miss yu and im sorry and the new guy you're on now i hope he makes yu feel good and doesnt take your love for granted <3 X

i hope your smile is still as bright as your heart X
by Crayzed4Ray<3 December 12, 2011
bad-assed sexy girl that all boys wanna get with and she has the biggest perkiest jugs amazingly cute face, talks alot and laughs alot, likes to party, can grind really good too and has lips like sugar. she will go all out for a guy that she likes or is interested in but wont care to look at you twice if she doesn't like you. So don't take her for granted guys i did and i'm suffering the consequences. (talented with tongue)

heads up: she's super pervy and likes dirty talk
guy1: damn she's bad
guy2: i bet her name is Raynelle!
guy3: i need to get me some Raynelle
by iimissyouray December 11, 2011
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