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A hella cool chick who laughs a lot, smiles all the time, is positive, and an amazing friend. She's so pretty and smells nice and makes you laugh all the time! And is only married to one guy. And hates all the other Raylene definitions.
You wish you had a category Raylene best friend!
by IloveRayeRaye February 03, 2010
Brunette, intelligent woman with great insight, wisdom and a kind heart. Someone unique who doesn't follow the general path. Someone who strives to perfect all she does without harming anyone else along the way. Very well-spoken and well-written, Raylene is a success by most measures. Raylene is loyal to friends and fiercely defends those she loves but will be honest as the day is long.
A Raylene is a great friend, true to the end.
by rlh121162 February 03, 2010
A bitch. You never EVER want to meet one, The most whoreyest whore you will ever meet. CUNT ass bitchy fucking goat vagina licker . Fuck anthing that wwalks or wants to fuck her. even a fat 79 year old creep. ugly as hell and is a dumbass blondey.
Oh i just met raylene she seems kind of nice but she asked me to do her and do a goat with her.
Jeez man i hate that whoore
by Llama + Goat August 27, 2010
the whoreiest whore that ever walked the whoredom......a superwhore
Raylene is such a whore
by Homie G January 28, 2005
an ancient german word for bitch,whore, slut, or any other swear word.
you are such a raylene
by Holmes March 03, 2005
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