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Rayhaan is one of the best guys out there, he is so amazing and he's so cute. Rayhaan is a cool person to be around and to talk to he's always there when a friend needs help. Rayhaan is a person with a bright future and all Rayhaan's desire to own an Aston Martin one day. Rayhaan's a;ways end up with a good looking wife, a great job, lots of money, and of course a Aston Martin. Every Rayhaan's end up being a BOSS!!!!!
Damn, there he go.. Rayhaan macking the bitches again.
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A scrawny okah addict from crawford who only drinks water semen and only eats okah and smokes cheap rollies and okah.

Also swallowed so much semen he can only ever whisper never talk.
Rayhaan: fuck u kapi
Kapi: go suck a cock
Ray: awe ameers here
by Jahnite June 21, 2016
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