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Halal Snack Pack (commonly referred to as an HSP) is a dish consisting of halal-certified doner kebab meat (typically beef, but also chicken and lamb), chips, and one or more sauces, such as chilli, garlic and barbecue. Yoghurt, cheese, jalapeño peppers, and/or hummus are common additions. It is typically served in a foam container, and has been described as a staple dish of takeaway kebab shops in Australia.
I love HSP
by Tsumikitty May 16, 2016
Stands for Highly Sensitive Person. Refers to people who are oversensitive to sensory aspects of their environment/world. For instance, HSPs may hate harsh lighting, or get really annoyed by background noise. HSPs can be very irritable and easily annoyed as a result.
Lisa is such an HSP, she gets annoyed so easily. She kept complaining about it being too bright in the restaurant, and she kept talking about her sweater being too itchy!
by lotusflower February 22, 2007
HSP stands for Halal Snack Pack. The finest meal in the world. Can only be topped with Barbecue, Chilli or Garlic Sauce. Tomato Sauce is an illegal topping.
Cuzz let's go to the new kebab shop around the corner, heard they got good HSPs

Brother I'm telling you, Tommy's has better HSP than King Kebab, we can not have some Haram meals.
by Majoodie May 27, 2016
Halal snack pack
You're being too salty about everything, you should grab some hsp
by yellowprime22 May 26, 2016
HSP- literally 'humble sleeping post'...someone who is slept on when an alternative such as a pillow is unavailable.
The car journey was long and i didn't have a pillow so I used you as a HSP, hope you don't mind.
by YHSP December 21, 2009
High School Pussy

Because girls love older guys.
"I'm headed back home this weekend"
"Gonna get yourself some HSP?"
"You know it"
by e5t3ban28 May 23, 2013
Hairy Scary Pussy; Also Connected wit an oath to never mess around with.
Billy: I messed up john.
John: What do you mean Billy?
Billy: Last Night , I was with sandra and i broke the oath.
Billy: Im fuckin up, Messin with these dang H.S.P. 's
by G-KO May 27, 2007
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