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When you have an orgasm and unleash the animal from within.
"I'm cumming..oh....RAWRRRRR!!" - Rawrgasm
by Alex <3 Teo February 15, 2007
its like an orgasm
except you don't scream when you have this. You RAWR!!! :)
and its better than an orgasm because if you are chained up, you rip things to shreds. And it's soooooo much funner.!!!!
Wow! i just had a rawrgasm.
by KaylaKAkes:))) June 29, 2009
Sounds made during an orgasmic experience that sound like a dinosaur
" Jenny was screaming and moaning all night with Dan, saying things like "RAWR!" and " GEEARRRRGG!! She totally had a rawrgasm"
by daniiellelovesyou November 17, 2009
When you focus all your energy deep within yourself and then RELEASE IT SUDDENLY AND EXPLOSIVELY!
Joe: "I feel it...growing within me..."
Girls: "Are you ok?"
Joe: It's like...a a volcano building inside of me...RAWRRRRRRRRRR!"
Joe has just Rawrgasmed!
by Phoenix Rawrgasm October 04, 2008
What you say before he/she reaches climax. Thus, loving someone so much they climaxed during a passionate intimate ritual. Taming that whore and mounting her like a lion!
Boy: A-ahh... Oh my lord.
Girl: Mmm, FUCK YEA.
Girl: O-oh my God, I-I love you too!!
*The girl lovingly came.*
by JillianaMichelle December 03, 2010
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