1. an expression of surprise or disgust
2. a replacer for the word love
3. an expression of happiness
4. replacer for the word cool
ex 1. rawr!!! i can't get this phone to work!!!
ex 2. i rawr u honey
ex 3. rawrrrrr i'm so happy!!
ex.4 she is so rawr
by alex87 March 24, 2006
something to say when you are frusrated with something or someone.
rawr! I have no idea how to get rid of danielle.
by poo August 28, 2003
a word sometimes used to show that a picture has a winrar file in it.
1st post *insert picture here* (post)
2nd post rawr
by chrisdaman98569 March 06, 2007
A primitive sound used BY DINA to represent a personal feeling. The actual meaning varies on the mood dina experiences. :]
"RAWR! I'm dinasaur, fear me!"
by Dinasaur February 13, 2007
A sexual sound made by gay males and females to attract others.
Gay Male 1: Rawr.
Gay Male 2: You're hot too. Rawr.
by Unreality May 14, 2006
another word for sex
i want to rawr you all night long baby.
by rawringfreakingme March 20, 2007
Something said by a stupid girl that has nothing funny, significant, or intelligent to say.
dumbass: RAWR!
person: ..what the fuck..
by urabanMcDee November 14, 2009

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