When referring to a music genre, a modernized version of its classic form "rock."
Whereas "rock" holds a classic connotation (eg: The Stooges, Led Zeppelin), "rawk" is reserved for later bands of a similar but expanded-modern style (eg: Rye Coalition, At the Drive-In).
by muerte August 19, 2004
it means cool. or it is totally awesome.
This is so rawking. This rawks.
by Anonymous April 04, 2003
The 1337 4zn h4x0r way to spell "rock" simply meaning
1)to best some one in any kind of compeition, usualy Counter-Strike
2) an indication of skill
3) a adverb adding a posative conotation to any verb or noun (usually following teh)
1) i rawked j00 f00l!
2) d00d! i rawk at Derivative calculus
3) this map is tehrawk!
kyle kimbel's sister is teh rawk when she's on her knees
by james acton March 03, 2005
Gay spelling of Rock.
"You Rawk!" (You rock, but I think you're as queer as Rob Halford)

"band name totally Rawked"
(band name put on a great show, but looked or acted totally faggy)

"Rawk Me!" (gay come-on at rock shows)
"I rawk!" (declaration by a person in a rock band that he is a homo)

by EvilTwins December 16, 2008
rawk - a combination of "really" and "awkward"
That encounter with my ex girlfriend was rawk!
by cbt February 16, 2005
The way that people from Boston say "rock"
Boston person: "Hay, we should go to thaa rawk concert!
by BEASTEN January 14, 2015

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