A safehaven and sanctuary from the kingdom of assholes. Also known as a place where Griven and others like him have no power.
"Gee it sure is fun in here without have jackasses start shit with you for no apparent reason besides they are people staring at their computer screen twenty-four hours a day just waiting for you or someone else to say something wrong so they can argue it for two hours."
by ImNotTelling April 10, 2004
Top Definition
A place in which many enter as unsuspecting victims, and are drawn in by an unsensible force, causing them to stay as losers that are the epitomy of Ravens_Nest.
I can't leave Ravens_Nest! NOOOOOOOOO!
by Lover o Vicki April 08, 2004
A channel for goofing off in when banned from a certain other channel.
Griven was being a smegface, so we went to #ravens_nest.
by GoldZero April 10, 2004
A place that is home to Vicki, and Belsammael, and lots of birdies - oh, and there's also kinky furry intercourse.
Belsammael carresses Vicki's tail and makes her purrrr like a kitty.
by Belsammael April 13, 2004
A gathering of people who get tired of assholes in certain "other" channels.
"How much more fun it is, in here!"
by Guess_Who April 09, 2004
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