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Misunderstood, caring, scared and loving. She is trustworthy and is honest. She's beautiful, and a kind hearted person. She is scared to trust but is willing to try. She loves and she helps.
Ravenne is a really close friend of mine.
by r13 October 17, 2012
A boy stealing, sluttly, easy. Annoying, wired, non-liked person. She pretends to be a good friend, but really stabbs you in the back. She also tends to go for her " Bestfriends" boyfriends,and get them to cheat on their girlfriends. Tehnn, she gets guys who dont like her to like her, but only for her p*****. Shes also a black bird, but if you call her it, she will try to do somethiong then really backs down(:
Dont like anyone named ravenneee(:
------>>( )<<------- Ravenne's vageee.
by Big balck October 15, 2010