Ratticus is a pimp, he slapped my mum `cause she didnt count his money
"BITCH, better count my money"
(Gunfire) *Dakka* *Dakka* *Dakka* *Dakka* *Dakka* *Dakka* *Dakka* *Dakka* *Dakka* *Dakka* *Dakka* *Dakka* *Dakka* *Dakka* *Dakka* *Dakka* *Dakka* *Dakka* *Dakka* *Dakka* *Dakka*
by Jesuit-Monkey May 29, 2004
Possible the 1337357 rat ever, he hacks and view porn in his sleep. It is a not very widely know fact the he pulls 45 drive-bys daily, mostly on mice and other non-ratlinke rodents.
"Im am teh 1337357 |-|4xx0r 3\/4, except for Ratticus cause he haxx0red my eyeball"
by Ratticus January 16, 2004
A 1337 HaxX0r
Man Ratticus is so 1337 he haxX0red my mobo then overclocked it with a metal-working lathe.
by Eddie Parkinson May 30, 2004
This one time I was talking to him in DC and he shot me in the head from the other side of the map, then I died.
by omg_asl_cyber February 15, 2004

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