Ras= Retarded Animal Shit
Kid #1 : Wats wrong with your dogs shit?

Kid #2 : Its a RAS

Kid #1 : Wat the fuck is that?

Kid #2 : Retarded animal shit
by Freddy Fear September 21, 2007
Top Definition
Haile Selassie, I was born on July 17, 1891 (1883 according to the Ethiopian calendar). He was then known as Ras Tafari. Ras was a title similar to "duke" and Tafari was a family name.
Ras Tafari!!

I give thanks and praises to JAH first thing. Praising the most high I~ternally.

Greetings and good afternoon..yes I. the morning sun will shine I~tinually...

InI lives and rules over I~verything.

Rasta brethren and sistren live pon dis earth with a positive vision of forward movement in the name of H.I.M. and work together to bring I~nity and Justice for all mankind... not just for one kind.... ALL CREATURE, black, white, yellow, brown, and pink.


Jah Bless

Ras Tafari
by max asher March 24, 2006
Ras Tafari (Haile Selassie)
by you're all morons July 31, 2003
Reported As Spam.
Spammers who post on forums

New thread: "Buy viagra for your penis, great specials etc. etc. etc. "

Forumites response: "Omg, RAS!"
by Swartskapie October 09, 2008
The name Ras is derived from the Arabic name "Rais" meaning "leader" and from the Hebrew name "Raz" meaning "secret".

As his name suggests, Ras is a silent leader. He takes control of situations without glorifying himself and is humble in every talent.

Ras has an absurd sense of humour which can only be appreciated by the most intelligent of human beings and is therefore
only shared with such. Even so, a Ras is open and friendly toward everyone he meets - a trademark quality of a drummer.

Being a drummer, a Ras has incredible taste in music and an amazing sense of rhythm (inside and outside the bedroom).

As with his music taste, a Ras is a pedantic elitist and consorts with only the best of everything.

A Ras likes to spend his time on brain-stimulating activities such as Graphic Design, Programming and other hobbies in the technological sector. He also likes comic books.

The attractiveness of a Ras cannot be defined by words. Apart from his personality, a Ras is commonly absolutely gorgeous with dark hair and an adorable, contagious smile.

He is usually seen with a gamer girl, drinking an Arabic or Iced Coffee.
The Gamer Girl: Let's get smoothies
Ras: What about an Iced Coffee? and then we can go to the comic book store?

The Gamer Girl: <333
by nyltt June 11, 2013
Real As Shit. If you're RAS, you're someone who's not to be messed with. Those who're RAS have a big ego and sometimes a hard/big head.
A:Did you see that amazing shot that Jake just hit?
B:Yeah, that's because Jake's RAS.
by CRadSwizzle October 08, 2013
Rigorous Anal Sex

- usually used in a jest at the expense of one's friends.
- can also connote a mock-gay prank you would pull on your friends. (Poking a friend in the butt with your finger then decrying the friend initiated said contact for RAS).
1. Oh, man, those flamers are probably going home to have some R.A.S.

2. Your such a fag, stop trying to get R.A.S. from me!
by ghg76 November 26, 2007
Ras stands for Ruthie awesomeness syndrome.

Originally made up to annoy an ex. But has caught on and is used in the same way as- cool, awesome or brilliant.
Omg that's so ras! I love it!

Feeling the ras, feeling great!
by Rasj2986 March 08, 2014
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