a name for someone who is rastafarian, or looks like it.
what up ras, how you doing mon
by Andy October 27, 2004
Of biological background, Ras refers to a monomeric, oncogenic guanine nucleotide binding protein (G-protein) associated with the cell membrane of essentially all eukaryotic cells. When activated by binding of a pro-proliferative extracellular ligand to its cellular receptor, Ras releases its guanosine diphosphate in exchange for guanosine triphosphate, thus activating it. It then propagates the proliferation activation signal through a MAP-kinase dependent pathway causing altered gene expression giving rise to the onset of the cell cycle.
Ras is fuckin cool (they're serious about this 20 letter minimum).
by Dr. Persaud, Cornell University August 04, 2004
An acronym for 'Random Ass Slut'
Guy 1: Did you hear that D-Bo pulled that RAS last night.
Guy 2: Too bad he got to Jake'd-up and puked on her
by nugz4life November 29, 2008
is an acronym for: Rose L. A.P. Addiction Syndrome

It's unhealable as it becomes one thing with your cells as if you were born with it.

Once you are in, It's In Your BLOOD...
You'll never ever now what RAS is, cuz you don't know what a Rose is
by PO4 September 22, 2008
Acronym for "random ass slut". If a place is inhabited by a number of RASs such as Spring Break, it is said to be RAS-infested. A great and effective way to eliminite this problem is through the use of any household RASticide (i.e. Nuggets) found in your local corner store. A great way to talk about slutty girls without them knowing it. Stupid RASs.
Dude, check out that RAS. She's giving Travis head in the middle of the dance floor.
by Herb Herbertson August 27, 2008
Used in Maltaese to call a friend or mate or as a greeting
Aw ras!! meaning "here head" in English but used as a greeting
by x-xahx April 07, 2005
A guy who is very well endowed and is a bit of a flirt!
look at the lunchbox on that guy!,He`s 100% Ras
by Sarah May 06, 2004
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