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To end one's life quickly. (As in walking in front of a car)
That guy better move before he gets raptured.
by ChappyLew October 23, 2011
1 2
stolen, enticed, a rape of the senses, a good feeling, a state of awesomeness, love, and all the above
the piece of music raptured my heart.
by Holden Megroin December 14, 2009
3 4
When you and a group of family members are taking a picture, and your step-uncle sneaks in from behind and bends over you sexually. When the picture is snapped it looks like you and him are having anal in the corner.
Look at Kent and Becky in the corner of the picture! Becky totally got raptured!
by flaminfunyun May 31, 2011
0 2
To disappear without reason; to disappear without an explanation; to vanish
"I took a dump, but when i got up, there was nothing in the bowl. I think my deuce got raptured"
by poachbox May 21, 2011
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