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A sexually frustrated/confused male who will sink to any type of low in hope of getting laid. Additionally they do not know how to socially interact with men who are not Rape Faces and will assume that their skewed perspective of male/female relations is universally understood and accepted by all men.

Often a Rape Face will take his aggression out on other men in the form of name-calling, being loose with the elbows or other methods of taunting. A Rape Face will serially attempt to booty dance with any and every girl on a dance floor regardless of how many times he is rejected or how appropriate booty dancing is to the music selection. Rape Faces also buy drinks for girls who are knowingly attached or unavailable in hope of removing said girls' panties. A Rape Face will act shy or effeminate in order to lull women into a false sense of security before hostilely attempting to "make a move".

Rape Faces can travel alone or in packs. They are yuppies, hipsters, jocks and nerds. There is no way to pinpoint a Rape Face on appearances alone. They are the most graduated form of Douche Baggery.

"Look after (insert best friend), that dude she's talking to is a total rape face."

Ex Housemate Dennis: "I wish we lived in the old days, when someone could just rape any chick they wanted and no one would believe her because she'd just be some whore after that."
RM Augustine: "You're fucked up - Rape Face!"
by RM Augustine November 07, 2006
78 120
The face a man makes (usually bareing teeth) before sexual penetration.
1. I'm going to show her my rape face.
2. "Every time I see my woman, she sees my rape face!"-(Rape face by Weird Coroner)
See also o face
by Horatio Parmansbi the Third September 11, 2005
325 116
Someone who looks like a serial rapist
Look rape face has just walked in
by mama frateli July 20, 2005
123 112
The intense look of desire and decided action on a persons face when they look at you and you know. You know they are going to rape you.
John lost his rapeface once he heard Maria talking about the herps she has. Then he turned his rapeface to Sarah.

After Louis stumbled into the bar alone and ordered a Jameson neat, Dianna got her rapeface on and walked over to him.

Once Sam drank from the roofie colada, Terry suddenly had rapeface.
by MrKaj February 29, 2012
15 6
A word to describe the ugliest face you can possibly make while peeing your pants to avoid getting raped because if you are doing these two things then you most likely will scare an unwanted rapist away
-Omg did you hear that Mark got raped?!
- No way! What happened?
- Apparently he couldn't succeed at pulling the proper Rape Face
-Poor guy, if only he would have known the how-to's on a good Rape Face
by Jasmyn & Ashley(: April 22, 2012
12 21
male: the fierce,obnoxious face a man makes right before he does something guilty or often known as the awkward face he makes just before penetration of an unwilling victim.

Rape Faces also buy drinks for girls who are knowingly attached or unavailable in hope of removing said girls' panties.

female: the face of a woman who has partied too hard and no longer has energy to continue. usually the face of a worn, exhausted, confused, and easily taken advantage of girl. often also known as the worst she has looked as of recent times.
male: "dude she totally got a glimpse of my rape face right before i did the deed, now i feel like a perv"

female: "dude, did you just see that girl? What a rape face, but I'd still hit it! haha"
by gopunchurself April 18, 2011
9 23
When a grown man completely shave his mustache and beard off. Leaving a ruff patchy look afterwards. OR, when a man shaves off his mustache, he takes on the look of a predator (rapist)
-Dave came to work today with the rape face. just gonna walk in with the rape face
by full grown beard February 06, 2011
14 28
One who looks as if they have had severe sexual trauma to their facial region
When conceived the doctor could not but help himself to the sexual pleasures that innocent Hugo's face presented unto him. From that day forth he was a rapeface.
by Shadowcat February 27, 2004
34 48