Level in most video games that is unpassible. A very hard level in which you die several times.
Dude, I just got raped in the rape dungeon. we all got screwed.
by funnyguy1000 March 09, 2011
Top Definition
A level, dungeon or mission on a game that is extremely difficult to get through or complete and is often accompanied by "man, you just got raped"
Rev: Man im stuck on this mission
Draco: Yeah your gonna get raped that's a real Rape Dungeon
by RyuNoZonbi May 28, 2010
A special room hidden away, usually in a basement or underground with sound proof walls, suitable for deviant sexual activity, or surprise sex, with unwitting hitchhikers, prostitutes, strippers, or other partners.
Steve - "Hey Bill, did you hear what Josiah and his dad built last weekend?"

Bill - "Yeah, man, that's cool... I can't wait to get my sister in that rape dungeon for a little surprise hey-nanny-nanny. I be knockin that bitches bottom out. Dey rapin' e'rbody down dere!"
by Nelson Birdwell December 03, 2010
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