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Rand Pauled (verb); variations: Rand Paul, Rand Pauls, to Rand Paul, will Rand Paul; Rand Pauler (noun), one who Rand Pauls. 1. The stealing of material from the work of others that you intend to pass off as your own which, when caught, will require an indignant response from you and your martyr-complex, because, hell, you know even if others do not that the ends justify the means and, besides, stealing is only bad when other people do it. Relates to stolen material that is meant to fundamentally alter an opinion or policy or other important issue of significance. Malicious usage. 2. The casual cribbing of such material because, well, it's easier, and it's not important material anyway; that is, such cribbing is just meant to save time and not alter fundamentally anyone’s political or other perspective. Benign usage.
Example for definition 1: For all we know at this point, anything Senator Rand Paul (KY) has ever said or written is Rand Pauled.

Examples for definition 2: Ex. 1: Hey, I just Rand Pauled your Bio off your Amazon page, so you don’t need to email it to me anymore. Thanks. Ex. 2: I Rand Pauled your definition of “Rand Pauled” from your email because I thought it would be fun to write up. Oh, check it out on urban If you want credit just let me know, because I wasn’t trying to Rand Paul you, dude, just maintain your privacy. Surf’s up. Thanks.
by Randal Paul November 09, 2013
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