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A upper-middle class community on the eastside of Chula Vista, California. This community is a rival of the Eastlake neighborhood, but both are mirror images of each other in terms of the type of people that live there. There's more diversity there that in West Chula Vista where being Mexican does not make you stand out. There are many priviledged Mexican families and their children can be classified as "sociales" or "socials", "fresas", or "cremillas" (Spanish slang for kids are considered "cream of the crop") that party in Tijuana's Plaza Rio district with fake IDs at the age of 13, already drinking & so fourth. About half those kids are full of apathy & prefer to gossip about irrelevant bullshit that wastes their time when they can actually do something more productive in life. There are also many posers who think they are "gangsta", but they're really "wankstas" & "minstrels". They do have the best all-round school south of the Interstate 8, with the highest test scores.
Rancho Del Rey is the most suburban place in Chula Vista, so no one can ever have any street cred, ever.
by Cab_Zapata February 26, 2008
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