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Sexy, smart and buff
Damn, that nigga is almost a ramtin
by Ramtin June 22, 2008
always the sexiet guy in a community. he is very nice and very cool and he is always chilled out.if anyone ever meets a ramtin they will be blown away from him. a ramtin makes you feel like princess when your with him and is the best boyfriend and is the best kisser and is amazing at sex.
hot girl1:did you see that movie
hot girl2:ya wasnt the guy hot
hot girl1:yes but not as sexy as ramtin
hot girl2:omg youre so right
by playgirl1 May 01, 2011
An elite terrorist from Iran.
Ready to kill and serve his motherland against the Europeans.

Also a type of prison-cell.
1. Guy 1: Man that dude sure reminds me of Ramtin!
Guy 2: Hell yeah, you sure he hasn't been in jail recently?
Guy 1: Fuck this, I think we're going to have to pay the 50p toll to get past him!

2. Prisoner: Shit man, don't put me in here, this place is fucking Ramtin!
Guard: Deal with it, your days of jeep hit and run in the Iranian wastelands are OVER!
by Bruv20p January 21, 2009
A form of murder in the country of Iran. This is done by running someone down with a vehicle.
(man watching TV): Holy **** dude, check this on the news!
(mans friend): Woah, that musta hurt!
(man watching TV): Yea, thats one bad ass ramtin.
by Pollstar January 22, 2009

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