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A Ramolo is the inadvertent, accidental and unrecognized entry of the rectal vault, when attempting to enter another orifice of the female body. Unlike the shocker, where the entry may be purposeful in attempt to surprise or ‘shock,’ the Ramolo leaves both parties surprised.
Example in a hospital setting: When attempting to place the catheter into the urethra, he found himself with a Ramolo, as he was a bit too posterior looking for the urethral opening in the rectum.
by MadDogD February 07, 2011
Accidentally entering the anus with your finger.
I was totally bummed when I was using some cheap toilet paper and accidentally gave myself a ramolo.
by IpadJoe February 08, 2011
non-intentional anal probing.
On his first chance to seal the deal the the girl, he accidentally gave her a ramolo. Needless to say, he never got a second chance.
by HotSTeve February 08, 2011